TORO Drip Line Irrigation

Subsurface Drip System for Residential, Commercial & Golf Course Applications.

Drip-In™ PC with Rootguard® is the most technologically advanced subsurface irrigation system available. Through revolutionary, non-toxic Rootguard technology, Drip-In PC with Rootguard delivers optimal water application directly
to the root zone while impeding roots from clogging the emitters. Drip-In PC with Rootguard is perfect for lawns, shrub areas, median strips, public recreation areas, sports fields, corporate gardens, car yards, parking islands and vandal prone areas. Drip-In PC with Rootguard is also a solution for golf course applications including bunker edges, bunker tongues, tees and greens.


• More efficient water usage.
• Greater application uniformity.
• No run, overspray or evaporation.
• Reduced weed growth.
• Healthier plants.
• Less pest and vandal damage.
• No irrigation down-time
• (Area can be used all day, every day).

The interval between irrigations depends on the average soil type. Light (sandy) soil should be watered frequently with short irrigation duration. Heavy (clay) soils can be watered less frequently with longer irrigation duration. Maximum daily plant requirements should be used to establish the emitter spacing in the dripline as well as the flow rate of the emitters. Irrigation time should not exceed the soil’s infiltration rate.

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