• Sub Surface Drip Irrigation


Toro Sub-surface drip irrigation

Sub-surface drip irrigation (SDI) is the placement of permanent drip tape (trickle) below the soil surface, usually at a depth of between 20 and 40 cm. Emitters along this drip tape emit water during irrigation. A range of crops have been successfully grown with SDI, including cotton, cucurbits, lucerne, maize, mungbeans, navy beans, sorghum and wheat.


  • More efficient water usage. 
  • Greater application uniformity. 
  • No run-off, overspray or evaporation. 
  • Reduced weed growth. 
  • Healthier plants. 
  • Less pest and vandal damage. 
  • Area can be used whilst irrigating. 
  • Reduced pumping costs. 
  • Controlled application of tertiary treated water. 
  • Continuous protection for 10 years plus, with or without water in the tube.

TORO’s SDI with Rootguard is suited to the irrigation of lawns, shrub areas, median strips, public recreation areas, sports fields, corporate gardens, car parks and vandal prone areas. SDI with Rootguard is also a solution for golf course applications including bunker edges, bunker tongues, tees and greens.

How it Works

Toro SDI with Rootguard features patented, Rootguard technology, which prevents roots from clogging irrigation emitters. The pre-emergent, TREFLAN®, is impregnated into the emitter during the moulding process and requires no maintenance. There are no filters to change and no chemically treated disks to handle, making it one of the safest subsurface systems on the market.

Once SDI with Rootguard is installed in the ground, the slow release of TREFLAN® creates a continuous barrier around the emitter. Roots are directed away from the emitter opening, ensuring optimal water application.

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(Kapillary Irrigation Sub Surface Systems)

The KISSS WRAP system:
• Is 4cm in width.
• Designed for flexibility in undulating lawns and gardens.
• Installed at 60-80cm spacing, subject to soil type.
• Can be installed with narrow trenching or conventional pipe laying plough Flat
• Is 10cm in width.
• Best suited for flat areas to moderate slopes such as sports fields and large lawns.
• Installed at 60-100cm spacing subject to soil type in turf.
• Has a base layer of polyethylene designed to minimise the amount of water lost through downward drainage.
• Can be installed by trenching or specially designed plough.

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