• Design and Construction

Design & Construction

Our sales and design team have many years experience in Hydraulic design and irrigation layout.
We will design your system to suit you irrigation requirements using the most efficient irrigation principles. Each system design will take into account the topography, soil type and crops you will be growing.
We can provide a complete Design to Commissioning package or supply the equipment for you to install yourself.


Design & Construction Irrigation

With over 150 years combined experience, Aquawest provides its customers with cost effective, quality materials and skilled installations.
Aquawest aims to complete each project above customers expectations.
We offer design packages to suit your irrigation needs.

Examples of design and construction projects

  • Irrigation Systems – Sub-Surface, Surface, sprinkler and dripline
  • Repair &/ replacement of existing irrigation systems
  • Stock water Systems – tender, design, install and specs
  • Fertigation – delivery of dissolved mineral fertilisers to the roots of crops
  • Centre Pivot and Lateral Move Machines including GPS and Telemetry
  • Solar Water System – convert windmills to solar
  • Pump Stations - quote, supply and install from domestic to commercial
  • Telemetry – Monitor your water via GPS