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Kensington Bore Scheme

Posted on 08-Apr-2014 by James Gibson

In 2009, Aquawest supplied and installed the Pipe and Cap Bore Scheme to the Department of Water and Energy specifications.

Water is supplied by gravity feed to a 210,000 litre Rhino Water Tank from which a booster pump system, consisting of 4 Grundfos pumps delivers water under pressure to various properties.

Installation included:

  • 60,000 metres pipeline 50 - 75mm
  • 52 x 22,500 litre water tanks
  • 85 x stock troughs
All trenching was carried out with our RT115 Ditchwitch to a depth of 750mm with a 600mm cover over pipeline.

All tank, trough and pump fittings were supplied in stainless steel or poly to overcome any corrosion problems with the artesion water.

Troughs were installed on concrete slabs 6.1 metres long x 2.5 metres wide and 100mm thick with F62 reinforcing mesh and finished flush with the ground.

The system allows landholders to water stock over an area of 9,000 hectares.

Poly pipe was manufactured and supplied by Vinidex, poly tanks were supplied by Clark Tanks and troughs supplied by Yeomans Walgett.