Emergency Water Supply – Bore Water


Date: 2017-2020

Location: Bourke, NSW

Aquawest was contracted by Bourke Shire Council to assist in a bore water town water back-up. 

3 new Artesian bores were constructed approximately 25 km west of Bourke 

to supply 3.5 megalitres of bore water to town when the Darling River is unavailable to meet demand due to low flows.

Bores were equipped with electric submersible pumps – two from generator supplies 

to deliver water through two cooling towers – artesian water is around 40 degrees celsius and requires cooling and aerating.

Water is stored in a 120,000 litre balance tank and then pumped to Bourke using two Grundfos 18 kw electric booster pumps .

Aquawest was contracted to install a booster pump station in 2017 and connect two new bores with 150mm PVC pipelines in 2019 – 2020.

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