Irrigators at Wingham


Client: Glenyarra

Date: 2020

Location: Wingham

The property Glenyarra receives approximately 1.2 megalitres of reuse water per day from Wingham beef abattoirs. The water is stored in holding dams and is distributed through the property through a system of underground mainlines.

Glenyarra farm received two Bauer Hard hose irrigators T42 90MM X 300 METRES long and one T51 90MM X 330 METRES long.

Each Bauer Irrigator expels approximately 11 litres of water per second at a pressure of 60 PSI of pressure - which over a 24 hour run time, each irrigator shall use 950,000 litres of water. By having the capability of running the three hard hose machines at once they are able to control their dam storage levels for rain events that occur over the year.

A training session and commissioning of the machines was run by Aquawest and by the Bauer representative for the staff at Glenyarra farm.

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