Major Stock Water Scheme


Client: Paraway Pastoral Co

Date: 2015/16

Location: Buttabone Station, Warren NSW

Aquawest was awarded the contract to design and construct the upgrade and new installation of Buttabone Livestock stock water system in Warren.

Total daily water demand as designed was around 500,000 litres per day on 3 separate water projects.

System comprised:

  • 4 new 50,000 litre Grundfos Solar Pumps
  • Connection to 3 existing solar pumps
  • 3 Electric Pump Stations – bore and surface booster pumps
  • Approx 120 km of 75mm, 63mm & 50mm polythene pipelines
  • Connection to  20 existing tanks and installation of 30 new tanks
  • Connection to  40 existing troughs and installation of 40 new troughs
  • Installation of three dust suppression systems at sheep and cattle yards

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