Moree Irrigation Pipeline – Water Saving Pipeline


Location: Moree, NSW

For this project, we needed to connect 15 existing irrigation bore to underground polythene pipeline to enable a forecasted water saving of 15% to 20% - due to transmission losses. To do this, we needed to replace existing open drain / channel delivery system with closed pipeline.

Total pumping rates around 30 megs per day – with bores running around 200 days per year. Yearly pumping pre pipeline; 6000 megs. Expected pumping after pipeline; 4800 megs – a saving of 1200 meg of allocated water.

Pumping costs will decrease at the same rate as above – saving 20% fuel for same water delivered to system.

Pipe will consist of 3 separate systems with pipe sizes from 160mm to 400mm of PE100 HDPE Polythene pipe supplied in 20 mtr lengths and butt welded on site. Total pipe used in system is around 14,000 metres. Polythene pipe was selected due to expected ground movement in heavy black soils – polythene is designed for expansion and contraction as soil moisture content changes.

Pipelines have been installed at average depth of coverage of 1600mm.

All bores are equipped with Aquamonics 150mm pattern approved water metres to meet current requirements – each meter has the ability for remote monitoring.

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