Pop up Watering System


Date: 2020

Location: Cook Oval, Wee Waa

This project was for sporting field watering at Wee Waa Cook Oval, using Toro T7 pop up sprinklers, designed to apply 15mm per hour out of each sprinkler. The system was designed using their existing Lowara SV6602 Pump unit.

There was a new 110mm mainline installed from the pump unit that supplied twelve 63 mm sub lines through the field and one sub main to water the run area to towns long jump pits. The Sub mains were controlled using  toro 2"  solenoid valves and were wired back to an existing controller.

The Solenoid valves were place in lockable valve boxes, that were supported underneath with concrete bricks to stop subsidence and movement of the valve boxes. 

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