Solar Installation


Date: 2020

Location: Wongarbon, NSW

System Details – Grundfos SQFA-10 floating solar pump designed to deliver 30,000 litres per day through 50mm PN 8 polythene pipe to two existing polythene storage tanks at an operating pressure of around 400kpa.

Pump Unit is floating in dam on a float assembly and connected to 4 x 275watt 36volt solar panels.

A Grundfos CU903 control panel will operate system as a on off pressure system with two level float valve in storage tanks.

Provision in control panel to connect AC generator if required to boost peak demands.

System water level is monitored using a Satellite Tank level monitor, with daily reports available on tank level, percentage change in tank level and tank volume.

This monitor system has only minimal connection fees – at present around $130 per year and does not require any mobile phone service – using satellite connection. Information can be monitored on mobile phone via app or PC.

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