Stock Water Scheme


Date: 2020

Location: Blayney, NSW

Aquawest was contracted to design, supply and assist in the installation of stock water to deliver water from an existing 15 meg dam to a 200kl steel tank and water approximately 16 troughs. 

A daily water requirement at peak usage was around 64,000 liters per day.

As there was no power on site, solar was the preferred pumping method. We designed a 3 kw 3 phase electric submersible to be floated in the dam to pump through 75mm rising main to a 200kl steel balance tank.

Water from the tank then reticulated into concrete water troughs.

Due to the location, the system also had to be designed to minimize frost snow damage 

Elevation of system was above 1000 meters, and with snow not a rare occurrence, that is one reason the pump was installed in a floating pontoon in dam – no pump suction freezing. The pump unit has no flow protection in event of any exposed pipes freezing. 

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