Bore Testing

Aquawest provide service work for all bore pumps including diagnosing faults, pull ups and repairs.

Bore & Well Testing

The primary use of test bore holes is to provide the client with a 24 hour testing system which offers crucial information on how much water will be yielded over a period of time.

Water from bores is a valuable resource and contributes significantly to your water requirements. Bore water can be used for domestic users as well as stock water and irrigation.

Bore testing is essential to protect any investment in a system dependent on the capacity of a bore to meet long-term demand. Along with sourcing a sustainable water flow rate, bore testing also assists with correct pump selection, ensuring the right equipment is used to extract water from the source.

Bore testing

Before and after bore cleaning.

Bore Hole Inspection Camera

Camera inspecting of bores.

Bore water usually does not require treatment providing it:

  • Has a pH greater than 5
  • Colourless and odourless
  • Usage is only for watering gardens, washing vehicles and flushing toilets

If bore water is your drinking source, Aquawest can offer water analysis, testing for pollutants and chemicals that may have contaminated the water supply through DELTAwater.

It is not always possible to tell if your bore water is contaminated.

Signs of contamination may include:

  • unusual taste
  • a low pH (acidic water)
  • a chemical, sewage, petrol or ‘rotten egg’ smell
  • soap suds/foaming around sprinkler outlets
  • abnormal colour or sediment
  • dying or wilting plants
  • animals reluctant to drink

Bore and Well blockages can also occur, caused by the interaction of dissolved iron and iron-related bacteria. In the past, such blockages have led to damaged pumps beyond repair often needing replacement or closure of the bore.

Water Testing

We provide essential water testing for clients. Testing of water provides recommendations to eliminate and solve problems associated with poor water quality.

If filtration and /or water treatment is required, Aquawest provide and install filtration equipment.

Clearbore Water Pump

We can help you identify which product will successfully treat your specific water problems:

  • Clearbore

    This product will dissolve the blockage and simply and easily allow the pump to return to normal operation within hours. Clearbore can be utilised to dissolve the iron build-up in reticulation systems. Clearbore can clean iron oxide from pumps and is one of the leading water bore and water pump cleaners available on the market today. It is safe, simple to use and completely bio-degradable. It contains no chlorine, hydrochloric acid, copper or cupric solutions which is essential when using water on farms and for residential premises especially when it is for crops and for human consumption.

  • DELTAwater

    DELTAwater solutions Australia are technical experts in solving common water quality problems such as scale, salinity, iron and corrosion.

    DELTAwater treatment technology unblocks irrigation systems and stock watering systems. It also improves water quality and reduces salinity in soils for fruit and vegetable growers, cropping enterprises both large and small, in orchards and in vineyards. DELTAwater solutions provides a comprehensive water testing, analysis and advice service to help pinpoint water issues and provide informed recommendations on water treatment options.

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