Innovative technologies and systems for all scales of agricultural and industrial businesses irrigation needs. We offer a range of tried and proven, quality designed and manufactured products that are built to perform better in the field every day.


Centre pivot irrigation gives you the flexibility other irrigation methods are unable to provide. Centre pivot irrigation introduces efficiency along with water management all while having a strong economic value.

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Lateral Moves

Lateral Move irrigators travel straight across square and rectangular fields. These high-strength steel systems can irrigate nearly 100% of these fields.

For farm and commercial use, we like to recommend Reinke. This is due to their advanced technologies and that they are one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Choosing Reinke and combining it with our services will help you achieve greater yield and conserve water.

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Travelling Irrigators

An easy and uncomplicated irrigation option. Designed to be transportable with clear operating systems. Ideal for sporting fields, ovals, parks or small farms.

We proudly stock Bauer and recommend the RAINSTAR as our irrigator of choice. Bauer is the dominant force in irrigation technology and the global market leader thanks to the introduction of the RAINSTAR irrigator.

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  • Bauer RAINSTAR - a range of models designed to accommodate any size and shape of farming system
  • Cost and energy saving irrigation – user-friendly – optimum performance and reliability
  • Quality workmanship – decades of experience in the manufacture or irrigation machines – particularly attractive price-performance ration
  • Laser-machined precision-tooth chain sprockets ensure precise chain drive and high reliability
  • Pipe reel and steelwork fully hot galvanised – high quality corrosion protection ensures lasting value and high resale value
  • Modern design – central control, easily accessible unit with irrigation computer
  • New radial full flow turbine – cost and energy saving irrigation, particularly efficient when low precipitation rates are applied
  • Raingun trolley with automatic angle compensator for uneven ground and trolley inlet
  • The RAINSTAR E55 completes the 11 RAINSTAR models offered with over 80 different pipe lengths

We offer advice in all areas, including which brand of product to choose. Depending on the purpose and type of your irrigation system will help identify which brand is best suited:

  • Reinke

    Built from high strength materials, a Reinke system weighs less resulting in less stress on the drive train. This reduces the cost of ownership over the life of the system. Engineered to absorb stress that would normally be transferred to the pipeline, our tower design maximizes system life and reduces component fatigue – which means less wear and tear on the system, and less maintenance and ownership costs for you.

  • Bauer

    Bauer specialise in pivot and hard hose irrigator systems and are renowned for their innovation, advanced technology and dedication to quality servicing, fittings and fixtures. With a large variety of products on offer, there is sure to be something in the Bauer range to suit every customer and every need.

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